Doten Eckert Design & Company

D.E.D. and Co. was established out of a lifelong desire to build custom made furniture and decor designed and built by hand to meet your dreams and complete your home.

About me

My name is Logan Eckert, and I build furniture. I've been in the furniture trade for about half a decade, but first got the bug of crafting in elementary school. As a part of boys brigade, I made a few pinewood derby cars, and loved the fact that I could take a raw piece of wood and create something unique and functional. My mind began to wander onto the other possibilities of working with wood, but my ability to scratch that itch wasn't satisfied until shop class in middle and high school. I built a few basic pieces of
furniture, some of which are still around in my parents' and grandparents' houses. In college, I worked at a summer camp where I began making wood rings for myself and friends, which led to chopping down and milling trees that had fallen around campus. One of these trees I took from a tree to a slab, to two matching coffee tables for my beautiful wife and I, and after that project, I knew I was hooked. From there, my desire to build unique and handcrafted furniture was solidified.

In the last few years, I've been working in Denver, Colorado on projects during the weekends while working full time in the furniture, construction, and design industries. In June 2021, my wife and I made the decision to return to our roots in Northern California to live closer to family. We now live outside of Sacramento with our dog, River.

In October 2021, we decided to take D.E.D. & Co. from a side gig to my full time occupation. I recently moved into a shop space where D.E.D. & Co. can continue to grow.

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About my craft

I love the combination that a beautiful piece of wood, and sleek flat steel can create together. Utilizing my experience, and an eye for every detail, seeing a piece go from rough wood, to a fine finished table, dresser, or desk is one of my specialities. I like to leave no stone unturned when it comes to designing a piece, and building it to your specification to ensure that you love this piece for a lifetime.

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Family-grown uninterruptedly for over 4 generations

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